Combining Albert Weiss with The Rave of The Moment – Minimalist Fashion

Combining Albert Weiss with The Rave of The Moment – Minimalist Fashion

If there is a rave in the world of fashion, it is the minimalist fashion trend. Long gone are the days of over stocking the wardrobe with clothing and fashion items that won’t be worn, the emphasis is now on items that are versatile and wearable at the same time. This shouldn’t be a problem, particularly if you have a jeweler like Albert Weiss Jewelry by your side. Albert Weiss Jewelry has for years being a stickler for design,  quality and versatility without having to break the bank.

The minimalist fashion trend is fully on and here at Albert Weiss, we are fully committed to crafting pieces that will remain timeless and that will possess the ability to blend perfectly with the fashion philosophy you choose to imbibe. Here are some of the timeless pieces from the stable of Albert Weiss that you can incorporate into your minimalist wardrobe; how best will you incorporate our pieces? Let the expert guide you through:

While you can incorporate any of our pieces into your minimalist wardrobe, one particular collection that stands out is the Earth Collection. Comprising of two distinct and peculiar designs, the earth collection is perfectly suited for a neutral base minimalist wardrobe. What the marginal use of colors in the jewelry brings to your minimalist wardrobe cannot be over emphasized, here are the variables you can incorporate:

Mountain Reflection Earrings: Combining the 2.75’’ tall earrings into your minimalist wardrobe should be quite easy. Not only because of the choice of color used in making this earring; the blue, green and crystal encrusted earring is just the icing you need on the cake of any minimal styled wardrobe. It fits in just perfectly with other neutral colored clothes that are sure to be part of your minimal wardrobe. If you are in need of an earring that will stand you out in the crowd, bring the focus right to you, the Austrian crystal based mountain reflection earring is just the perfect item you need.



Snowcapped Mountain Pin: If you are of the opinion that the best of jewels can only be earrings, you will not only be wrong, you will be very wrong. The Snowcapped Mountain Pin represents the best in a class of its own. With the spectacular imitation rhodium sparkling finish, the Snowcapped Mountain Pin is capable of blending in with even the most conservative of clothing. From the most minimal to the flamboyant.  You can combine this pin with the Mountain Reflection Earrings in a bid to get the perfect jeweled accessory to match your minimalist fashion tendencies.

There are other great jewel pieces you can add to your wardrobe to ensure that you stay in line with the minimalist fashion style. This does not in any way reduce the elegance and exquisiteness that our great pieces at Albert Weiss can help you achieve. Why not jump on the minimalist fashion bandwagon with a little bit of suave swag, it will sure be lovely.