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Albert Weiss Collection
Albert Weiss began his jewelry design career at Coro in the 1930’s. He mastered his trade there until founding his own company “Albert Weiss” in 1942. Under his own umbrella, Weiss continued to create the high quality, innovative and boldly colorful jewelry pieces that are still sought after today.

Today, our new company continues this tradition of excellence by creating a line of beautiful and timeless wearable art that fans and collectors alike will treasure. Our team of talented designers and artisans have brought to life a whole new line of jewelry still using only the finest quality components and craftsmanship.

Like most vintage pieces designed in the 1940's and 1950's, Weiss Jewelry exhibits the classic elegance, quality and beauty the world has come to know and expect.

Albert Weiss is considered collectible and all designs embody unmistakable style.

We continue to make a timeless statement with every creation. Each of our pieces has been designed and handmade with infinite care by our experienced craftsmen.

The elegant and playful lines of our jewelry, the combination of colors and our superior quality make them well worth the price. From boardroom to evening, these timeless pieces transition with ease and sophistication.

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