Set The World in Ice with The Collection Made Just for You

Fantastic fashion starts with defining who you are.  You can then proceed to pick out a style that works just fine for you. Recently, fashion choices have been geared towards upsetting the norm rather than upholding it. This is exactly where the Albert Weiss collections come right in, with its fantastic styling varieties….it’s no news that it is a collection made to work just for you. Not just that, the Albert Weiss Collection has the unique ability to fit in into just any fashion philosophy. The ice collection is particularly adept at its ability to fit into a varied fashion need.

The Ice collection is a fantastic collection when it comes to fitting into the best of fashionistas’ needs, from the neutral palette it brings with it, to the best of jeweling element used in the making of the pieces in the collection. There may be no better addition to your wardrobe than the Albert Weiss Ice collection. Want to learn how to set your memories in ice at events and engagements? Allow the Albert Weiss Collection help you out:


Icicle Necklace

This fantastic 18’’ long necklace is crafted with the utmost care and craftsmanship Blue Icicle Necklace by Albert Weissby the best of craftsmen at Albert Weiss Jewelry. The Austrian crystals used in crafting the pieces ensure that you get a feeling of a material straight out of a fairy tale story. The blue and crystal masterpiece is a stunner when combined with any outfit. Looking to catch a few eyes at the next event you attend, get yourself the icicle necklace and set your appearance in cold ice; delectable and delightfully as the Albert Weiss masterpiece works a magic that is uniquely its own.


Iceberg earrings

Blue Iceberg Earrings by Albert Weiss Jewelry









Stately in Architecture and splendid in appearance, this remarkable earring is in a class of its own. Plated in imitation rhodium, it stands at 2.75’’ tall and is a delight to behold. The blue and crystal it sparkles off is lent to it from its rhodium plated base work, the fine craftsmanship is worth every bit of thanks too. The iceberg earrings are nothing short of a stunner, the three icebergs drop from the main body of the earring are reminiscent of its name. You want to spring a surprise? The iceberg IS your perfect weapon.


Icicle Bracelet

Blue Icicle Bracelet by Albert Weiss Jewelry

Like every other member of the ice collection, the icicle bracelet is plated in imitation rhodium. Clocking in at 7.25’’, each link in the bracelet is distinctly linked by a jet crystal stone. The bracelet is a beauty to behold, particularly when combined with a neutrally colored cloth. It can shift the attention right where you want it to be - your hand. Perfect for a wrist watch- bracelet matchup, the icicle bracelet can say a lot in a circle of power dressers. The perfect definition of elegance and luxury coupled with simplicity, the icicle bracelet is for every woman who wants to make a statement without saying so much.

Ice by Weiss