Stay Simple And Elegant with The Simply Weiss Collection

It would be an understatement to enthuse that the reigning fashion ideology is to keep things as simple and uncomplicated as possible. At Albert Weiss® Jewelry, we ensure to rise up to every occasion presented. That is what has kept the company in the jewelry industry since its inception for decades, it is the ability to solve problems before they ever arise.  While we might have never contemplated that the simple and minimalist fashion would be the order of the fashion world as it is presently, we have made plans ahead of time to take care of it.

The most minimalist of fashion enthusiast will favor a neutral palette, while this may bring visions of just white and black to you; it signifies much more. It requires all colors utilized in the entire dressing to be neutral and matching. Most women find it to be a headache when trying to combine jewelry with this philosophy, this is because most jewelry pieces are deviants from the neutral palette.    

Would it interest you that this is a problem that has been solved a while ago by Albert Weiss Jewelry? The solution is not so far away; it is our Simply Weiss Collection.  Prided on its elegance and simplicity, the collection has all you need to be a minimalist and to dazzle while at it, care to know?


Weiss Crystal Stretch Initial Bracelet

Weiss Crystal Stretch Initial Bracelet by Albert Weiss Jewelry

Elegantly made in silver plated base and rhinestone, this crystal stretch bracelet is more than just a fashion item, it is an extremely personal belonging. A strong suit that this bracelet brings to the table is that it can fit on just about any wrist. It is highly expandable and can stretch. It also carries your initial and a personal, special message on the backside of the pendant.  It even comes in a specialized pouch of its own.  Its minimalist approach is further solidified by the seeming colorlessness, making it fit into just about any type of fashion rule that you decide to obey.


Weiss Initial Necklace

Weiss Initial Necklaces with Precious Message on Reverse

Made with a genuine crystal, the Weiss initial necklace is a masterpiece of elegance. Its silver tone coating makes it stay in line with just about any color of cloth you want to pair it with. It is expandable and can match your neck girth all the way from 18 to 21 inches. The clasp that closes off the necklace is as stylish as the necklace itself. What’s more, is that the necklace pendant comes with your initial on the front side and a precious message on the flip side. Thus making the necklace become an extremely treasured and personal belonging.


Weiss Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet

Rhinestone Stretch Bracelets by Albert Weiss Jewelry

If there is a bracelet that is both stylish and simple, it is the Weiss rhinestone stretch bracelets. It is equally expendable as it comes in a rage of rows. If you are looking for a gift to give to a dear friend, a surprise for an event- make it the Weiss rhinestone bracelet. They are available in 1 row or many rows with the ability complement any look.




The Simply Weiss collection is made to work just right for you.