When Colors Meet Style and Art – A Story of the Weiss Naturalist Collection

Every organization has an untold story, a story that only very few know about  A lot of people will be of the opinion that stories that are untold are often stories that are bland and void of color.  Let’s give you a surprise, the Weiss naturalist collection story is perhaps one of the most colorful you will get to know in recent times.

The mixture of style, art and colors have always been a top priority at Albert Weiss Jewelry.  None of the collection reflects this philosophy better than The Naturalist Collection.  The array of designs represents the some of the most colorful and versatile of the articles made by the company. Want to get treated to style and colors, come along...


Ladybug Pin

Crystal Ladybug Pin by Albert Weiss Jewelry

The ladybug pin is highly colorful and an artist’s dream work. Replicating the red ladybug with black dots, the jewelry piece is handcrafted and a symbol of aesthetics combined with artistic pleasure. Each piece is made out of the finest Swarovski Austrian crystal and has a gun metal coating that will ensure its long lasting and high durability.  The ladybug pin is a statement article and will match with a plain colored shirt, a dress blouse and even a coat perfectly.


Crab Pin

Crystal Crab Pin by Albert Weiss Jewelry

The crab pin is a detailed jewelry pin, made entirely of Swarovski crystals. It has spring claws that are movable and adjustable. The pin measures 2.5 by 1.75 inches and is highly visible on a dull to normal color shirt or gown. The high level of details demonstrated in crafting this masterpiece makes it a wardrobe necessity. 




Raccoon Pin

Crystal Raccoon Pin by Albert Weiss Jewelry

The raccoon pin is yet another stylish, colorful and fashionable piece off the Albert Weiss naturalist collection. It is made from Swarovski crystals and has a dynamic moving tail. The great attention given to the raccoon pin during manufacturing is evident in its well set and deliberate stones that pair up to make up the entire raccoon body. The tail is swings and dangles. The raccoon pin can be effectively utilized as a norm breaker while dressing.  



Lobster Pin

Crystal Lobster Pin Plated in Gold by Albert Weiss Jewelry

If you are on the lookout for the perfect confluence of colors, style and art in a bid to make luxury, you are definitely not far away from the lobster pin. Made from the very best of red Swarovski crystal and plated luxuriously in Gold. The lobster pin is a beauty to behold and will work a lot of magic in your favor if combined appropriately with other fashion articles. 




Fly pin

Crystal Colorful Fly Pin by Albert Weiss Jewelry

Anyone who will convincingly craft a fly pin must be one who is ready to meticulously pay attention to detail.  Of course, that is no problem for us at Albert Weiss Jewelry. It is what we have been doing for ages and in the fly pin, it is at the very top of the game. With movable wings and the best of precious stone. You don’t want to deny yourself this. 




The Albert Weiss range of jewels are made to work just for you, get in touch with us and stay colorful, stylish and fashionable.